Reconstructive Surgery

A sculpture I acquired in Carcassonne, a medieval city in the south of France. This sculpture depicts the reconstructive surgery often required to prevent disfiguration when operating on severe skin cancer cases.

This portion of my practice consists mainly of reconstruction after skin cancer surgery.  Sometimes the surgery is simple, i.e. excising a small skin cancer and simply suturing the wound, or doing a skin graft for a large defect on the trunk or limbs. However, large post-surgical defects of the ears, eyelids, lips, nose and face often need more.  A carefully designed surgical reconstruction making use of skin flaps and/or tissue shifting is then necessary.  The aim of this reconstructive surgery is to achieve the optimal aesthetic result after complete excision of the cancer.  I work closely with dermatologists, head and neck surgeons and oncologists in order to offer optimal treatment to these patients.


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