Aesthetic Surgery
Aesthetic Surgery Daughter

My daughters on their way to their school graduation dance.
To me they looked the epitome of elegance and aesthetics.

Aesthetic or Cosmetic Surgery comprises the majority of my practice.  These operations are about much more than simply improving a patient’s appearance, they also involve improving their confidence and quality of life.  Most people feel better when they look better.

Certain cosmetic operations are more common at different ages.  Bat ears in children can be a source of teasing and may have an effect on a child’s confidence and in interacting with his or her peers.  A 60-90 minute operation can significantly improve their facial appearance.

Women with very small or very large breasts often find a breast augmentation or breast reduction a life changing experience.  After pregnancy, droopy breasts and/or a flabby tummy may prevent a woman from wearing certain styles of clothing.  A so called “mommy make over” often gives them the figure and confidence to wear the type of clothes they were accustomed to wearing prior to pregnancy.

Nowadays, many people tend to work past traditional retirement age.  Individuals may think they look much older than they feel and this could have an influence on their extended professional career.  A carefully done facial rejuvenation often enhances their appearance and may contribute to prolonging ones’ career.

I am very honest during consultations and try to avoid performing surgery on patients with unrealistic expectations.  I will not promise a result that I am not confident could be achieved.

Most of the facial aesthetic operations are done with deep sedation by a specialist Anaesthesiologist.  Body surgery, i.e. breast reductions and tummy tucks are usually performed under general anaesthesia.  I prefer that these patients stay overnight to be carefully monitored and treated with appropriate pain medication.  All of these patients are followed up free of charge for a minimum of 3 months.


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